Globally‐connecting people, devices and networks

We are authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) specialists, delivering high performance Wi-Fi software, service and analytics for the world’s leading service providers and their customers, across education, retail, hospitality, sports venues, travel & transport, enterprises and consumer networks. Our platform supports billions of authentications and concurrent users, using tens of millions of devices and thousands of networks.

One captive portal & RADIUS/AAA platform for any Wi-Fi service

GlobalReach is used by service providers to create, configure and manage multiple, complex Wi-Fi services for their customers. Launch and support any number of converged consumer, SMB and large enterprise services, in any industry, from our single, scalable cloud-hosted platform.

The world’s leading RADIUS/AAA authentication engine

Our proprietary AAA engine, with four AAA-related patents, allows quick, secure authentication and network access control for any user and device, without the cost and complexity of on-premises RADIUS deployment. Using 802.1x (EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS), OAuth, Google Apps, Active Directory, LDAP) for authentication, it’s available as a managed, cloud service and integrates with any existing, third party software.

Intelligent custom captive portal to connect & engage users

Whatever your commercial goal, easily create, customize and manage captive portals, content and advertising, to connect and engage on-site customers. Upsell products, strengthen branding, support customer loyalty programs, communications and more.

The only Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 online signup server for all major operating systems & devices

Supporting the largest number of operating systems and devices, The GlobalReach Hotspot 2.0 OSU provides brilliant connection and roaming using the industry’s top standards and a fully-branded connection and communication app. It’s a world leader.

17 June 2016

XLN set to put free public Wi-Fi on every British high street, with support from GlobalReach Technology.

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17 June 2016

GlobalReach Provides Provisioning Power Behind New World Wi-Fi Day Drive to Boost Passpoint Hotspot 2.0 Roaming.

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27 May 2016

GlobalReach To Host Service Provider Webinar with The WBA: 6 July.

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