Globally‐connecting people, devices and networks

We deliver high‐performance software, service and analytics for the world’s leading service providers and their customers.

The world’s leading AAA authentication engine

Our software and cloud‐based platform powers some of the world’s most complex Wi‐Fi services, delivering billions of authentications a year.

Built on the world's leading AAA authentication engine, captive portal and Hotspot 2.0 Online Signup Server, we power award‐winning Wi‐Fi solutions.

Scale and reliability

Our AAA is purpose‐built for the scale and reliability needed for the complex demands of today’s Wi-Fi connections.

Secure and seamless provisioning platform

We believe that a brilliant user experience is key to the success of a Wi‐Fi service. Our provisioning platform is a world leader.

Our Hotspot 2.0 online signup server is the most complete, secure and seamless solution, and our captive portal is the most flexible user experience engine, allowing our customers to build and deliver their Wi‐Fi services that their customers need.

17 November 2015

GlobalReach First to Deliver Secure Wi-Fi Onboarding for all Major Global Mobile Devices with Windows 10 Integration.

#Windows10 #HotSpot2 #WiFiNow

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11 November 2015

We're attending Wi-Fi NOW, Amsterdam, 17-19 November 2015.


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28 October 2015

GlobalReach Technology Launches Wi-Fi Services Division with Anacapa Acquisition.


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