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The secure Wi-Fi solution built for schools and businesses

GlobalReach Wi-Fi for Google Apps provides easy Wi-Fi access, at anytime on your Google Chromebook or Android device using your Google Apps login.

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Login to Wi-Fi in seconds with your Google account details

Instead of needing a separate username and password to access your Wi-Fi, your users can simply enter their Google account username and password. There is no need for ‘on device’ software and simple one-time set-up allows fast authentication and secure Wi-Fi roaming between your sites as well as auto login to all your Google products.








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One time easy set up and seamless integration

Set up GlobalReach with one time set up in less than 5 minutes for fast cloud based, secure, Google authenticated Wi-Fi roaming between your sites – It’s that easy.

GlobalReach data authentication flow

Manage your Wi-Fi users with the GlobalReach dashboard

GlobalReach Wi-Fi enables analytical reporting of users, sessions and network bandwidth usage.

  • User analytics
  • Bandwidth analytics
  • Network management
  • Historical reporting

Become a partner or request a demo

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