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16 March 2015
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Cambridgeshire to offer free public Wi-Fi in partnership with Virgin Media Business & GlobalReach Technology.

Cambridgeshire County Council are offering residents and businesses improved connectivity as free public WiFi is made available from over 100 locations in Cambridge, marking the next step in the ‘Connecting Cambridgeshire’ programme – boosting connectivity throughout Cambridgeshire and support the local economy.

LONDON – 16 March, 2015 – The free Wi-Fi, which will be provided in partnership with GlobalReach Technology, will run over the Cambridgeshire Public Services Network (CPSN) which has delivered major savings for Cambridgeshire public sector organisations since its installation in 2011, underpinned by Virgin Media Business.

Wi-Fi will be implemented in public buildings and open spaces such as parks and streets across the City and surrounding areas. With access points positioned in an increasing number of public buildings including libraries, council offices and community hubs, users will be able to enjoy seamless connectivity as they move around the city. Local businesses will also benefit, with the free WiFi being available to both them and their customers.

Read the full press release from Virgin Media Business

Visit the 'Connecting Cambridgeshire' website


About GlobalReach Technology:

GlobalReach Technology is the Wi-Fi AAA and captive portal platform purpose-built for the world’s largest service providers, who use it to manage multiple, complex wireless services for their business customers.

Its software and cloud-based platform powers some of the world’s most complex Wi-Fi services, delivering billions of authentications a year. These include San Francisco, San Jose, New York, London, Sydney, Mexico and throughout Europe.

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