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20 April 2017
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GlobalReach AAA to power Hotspot 2.0 again at the WBA Wireless Global Congress.

Fifth Time GlobalReach Hotspot 2.0 OSU Used

LONDON – 28 April 2017: The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) will again use the GlobalReach Technology Wi-Fi AAA platform, featuring the Hotspot 2.0 online sign-up server (OSU) at its Wireless Global Congress in London in May.

The Hotspot 2.0 OSU is a built-in feature of the GlobalReach AAA RADIUS and captive portal platform. The software allows service providers and enterprises to easily onboard all devices to secure Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi services, ending manual Wi-Fi logins and other obstacles to fast, seamless, secure connection. The OSU easily creates Passpoint user profiles allowing automatic connection to any Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi network.

The GlobalReach Technology provides the only Hotspot 2.0 OSU to support all major operating systems including Windows 10. Users with Passpoint-enabled smartphones, laptops and tablets make a one-time download of the OSU profile for seamless roaming at any NGH hotspots in the future.

Download the profile before the event:

The live next generation hotspot (NGH) network will be in place at London’s ExCEL conference centre from 8-11 May. GlobalReach Technology provides the main AAA, working with Accuris Networks, BSG Wireless and Syniverse as the hub providers. The service will be used for seamless authentication and roaming for 600+ WBA delegates including members, speakers and media.

GlobalReach Technology has been a leader in Hotspot 2.0 authentication and provisioning since 2012. We have been deeply involved in next generation trials of Hotspot 2.0 and the first large-scale deployments. Our Hotspot 2.0 OSU has previously been used five times at other WBA events in the UK and San Jose, USA. It was also used to support the WBA’s 2016 City Wi-Fi Roaming Project and the WBA, GSMA and Fira – together with a large number of mobile operators and technology partners – deployed it for the Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) Wi-Fi experience at Mobile World Congress 2017. In 2014 we worked with the cities of San Francisco and San Jose to launch the world's first large-scale municipal Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 service, allowing millions of visitors and residents to automatically and securely roam between the two city networks.


About GlobalReach Technology:

GlobalReach Technology is the Wi-Fi AAA and captive portal platform purpose-built for the world’s largest service providers, who use it to manage multiple, complex wireless services for their business customers.

Its software and cloud-based platform powers some of the world’s most complex Wi-Fi services, delivering billions of authentications a year. These include San Francisco, San Jose, New York, London, Sydney, Mexico and throughout Europe.

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