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23 March 2015
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GlobalReach Technology adds Google Apps Wi-Fi User Authentication using Google Apps Credentials.

The new SaaS solution delivers seamless and secure Wi-Fi authentication for schools and businesses that use Google Chromebooks or Android devices.

LONDON – 23 March, 2015 – GlobalReach Technology, a leading developer of advanced, carrier class Wi-Fi software, announced that it is launching a new Radius/AAA product for Google Apps, designed to help schools and other organizations streamline and simplify their users’ secure access to both their Wi-Fi networks and their Google Apps accounts.

Instead of needing a separate username and password to access the Wi-Fi, users can simply enter their Google account username and password. There is no need for ‘on device’ software and the solution allows fast authentication and secure Wi-Fi roaming between sites as well as auto login to all the users’ Google products.

It can be set up to work with any Wi-Fi network in less than 5 minutes. Once configured, Chromebook users simply select the secure Wi-Fi network name and provide their Google credentials. The AAA platform does the rest, allowing authorized users onto the Wi-Fi network while simultaneously logging them into their Google account.

Mark Williamson, Senior Vice President, outlined the advantages of the solution: “Students and staff already have a secure authentication protocol in place to access Google Apps, we want to leverage that security when it comes to accessing the Internet in general through their Wi-Fi network. It saves IT administrators as well as users the hassle of maintaining different data stores. Now the students or staff will only have to remember one login name and password, which makes life easier for everyone.”

Learn more about using Google Apps for Wi-Fi authentication


About GlobalReach Technology:

GlobalReach Technology is the Wi-Fi AAA and captive portal platform purpose-built for the world’s largest service providers, who use it to manage multiple, complex wireless services for their business customers.

Its software and cloud-based platform powers some of the world’s most complex Wi-Fi services, delivering billions of authentications a year. These include San Francisco, San Jose, New York, London, Sydney, Mexico and throughout Europe.

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