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17 November 2015
Company News

GlobalReach First to Deliver Secure Wi-Fi Onboarding for all Major Global Mobile Devices with Windows 10 Integration.

Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi Onboarding through GlobalReach.

Wi-Fi NOW, Amsterdam – 17 November 2015 – GlobalReach Technology, the Wi-Fi authentication and provisioning software company, today said that its Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 online signup provisioning server (OSU), is the first to be able to automatically onboard all major mobile devices, following its integration of Windows 10.

The technology allows service providers and enterprises to easily onboard all devices to secure Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi services, ending manual Wi-Fi logins and other obstacles to fast, seamless, secure connection.

Research shows that demand for secure public Wi-Fi for venues and their customers continues to grow, with assured security important for brand trust, legal compliance and customer relationships. A new whitepaper from the Wireless Broadband Alliance found last week that more than 75 per cent of city CIOs alone plan to significantly increase their future public Wi-Fi investments.

Today’s announcement follows the integration of Windows 10 and Google's Android 'M' operating systems to its Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 Online Sign-Up server, allowing seamless and secure Wi-Fi access. Users can now able to easily create Passpoint profiles to connect automatically to any Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi network.

GlobalReach provides real-time provisioning for devices and operating systems, including:

  • Apple iOS iPhone / iPad (including Mac OSX)
  • Samsung Galaxy Range (S4, S5, S6, Note 3, Note 4)
  • Windows 10 (Mobile & Laptops)
  • Android Marshmallow (M)
  • Hotspot 2.0 release 1 provisioning
  • Hotspot 2.0 release 2 provisioning

Shrikant Shenwai, CEO and co-founder of the Wireless Broadband Alliance, leaders of the Hotspot 2.0 seamless roaming standard said: “Next gen Wi-Fi is coming of age with an ever growing number of deployments around the world. We are excited to see innovation and developments taking place that deliver a completely seamless and ubiquitous Wi-Fi experience across a growing number of Next Generation Hotspot locations and using a wide range of Passpoint-enabled devices.”

GlobalReach announced in June that it was the world’s first Wi-Fi software developer to enable Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 over Google M with the OSU (Online Sign-Up) Solution. It also previously integrated Hotspot 2.0 with Apple’s iOS.

Chris Spencer, technical director, GlobalReach commented: “It’s our mission to connect everyone to any device and network, everywhere. Reaching the scale of device support we’ve announced today means that GlobalReach can universally increase the quality of the Wi-Fi service of any international mobile service provider.”


About GlobalReach Technology:

GlobalReach Technology is the Wi-Fi AAA and captive portal platform purpose-built for the world’s largest service providers, who use it to manage multiple, complex wireless services for their business customers.

Its software and cloud-based platform powers some of the world’s most complex Wi-Fi services, delivering billions of authentications a year. These include San Francisco, San Jose, New York, London, Sydney, Mexico and throughout Europe.

Media contact:

Kate Cleevely
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